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Enjoy your favorite sounds at full volume without pesky interference by ordering hearing aids from Chickasha Hearing Aid Center in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Our digital hearing aids are what you've been searching for to minimize unwanted noise while maximizing comfort and usability. Contact us today for more detailed information about our high-tech hearing aids.
Introducing the Starkey IIC
This 100% IIC (Invisible in Canal) hearing aid is designed to maintain speech understanding in noise and reduce your listening effort—without that annoying squeal and feedback. The Starkey IIC includes fantastic features, such as Purewave that virtually eliminates all buzzing and a T2 remote for adjusting memory or volume using any touch-tone phone with no additional hardware. Call us today to try out this voice-IQ hearing aid!
Behind the Ear Technology
For a comfortable, easy-to-adjust hearing aid, we recommend the BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aid. This product utilizes a sweep technology that changes volumes and settings with a simple sweep and touch of the finger. It is proven to improve speech understanding through the industry's top-rated feedback provider and is available as an open-fit solution for maximum comfort.
The RIC Model
Enjoy a hearing aid that automatically switches mode to match your listening environment with the RIC (Receiver in canal) product. Chickasha Hearing Aid Center is proud to offer this comfortable, open-fit aid that is barely visible when worn. You have your pick from several color choices to match your skin or hair, as well as bold hues such as:
   •  Bronze
   •  Onyx
   •  Champagne
   •  Slate
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